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Having been producing jewelry using silver and precious mines for over 60 years and operating in silver jewelry,
gold jewelry, steel jewelry and accessories sector, Sezgin GROUP has more than 250 employees, a total sales area of 3.700
m2, around 100 concept stores both in Turkey and abroad. Sezgin GROUP, significantly reflecting its sectoral
experience on merchandising with the retail concepts So CHIC, MOJ and Fix Silver. Benefiting from the latest
technology in design and production, Sezgin GROUP offers over 40.000 items to its customers. The group
exports to over 70 countries including Italy, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, UK, Japan,
all regarded as design centers of jewelry.
To become the brand that creates demand, fulfills the needs and sets the trends in international accessories
To share its leading position with its customers, to make them feel special, to provide employment in the
sector, to make jewelry perceived as a need and to sets the trends in the fashion world.