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Created Paraiba:



Considered a true treasure, the electric blue (neon) Paraiba ranges from blue to green. Paraiba stone stands out because of its bright vibrant blue color. The stone can be found in various hues such as neon blue, greenish blue, mint green, and sometimes violet and purple. The most sought after and best known color is neon blue. It is believed to give calmness to the person who uses it.


Created Aquamarine



It is a stone with this structure, which includes the color of sky blue as well as the color of sea blue. What increases the value of Aquamarine is the cleanliness, transparency and darkness of its color. It is a transparent or translucent stone. It is believed to be a stone of fertility and good luck.



Created Tourmaline


According to an ancient Egyptian belief, the Tourmaline stone passed through the rainbow on its way to the earth. For this reason, they believe that the rainbow contains all its colors. The name Rainbow also comes from this legend. Throughout history, it has been believed that Tourmaline is magical and protects those who wear it from bad influences. Tourmaline stone, which has more than one color, is called cat's eye, and the one that turns from green to red in the light is called color changer. It is believed to be a stone of balance and harmony.


Created Light Canary Yellow          



It is found in yellow and honey yellow tones, rarely transparent, usually translucent or opaque. In addition to its positive effect on the human body, it also has effects that will increase the quality of life, it destroys negative energy. It is believed to bring success.



Created Rhodolite




Rhodolite can be found in a wide variety of colors, transparent, opaque or translucent. Generally, the Stone color is found between pink and red tones. It has not only pink stone varieties, but also the Alexandrite effect. These Rhodolites have a bright red color under artificial light, and under the influence of the sun's rays acquire a greenish color. Abundance and abundance

It is believed to have brought


Created Alexandrite




Alexandrite is a stone that shows color transitions by taking on blue and purple colors in daylight. It is one of the rare stone types with color transitions in the world. Alexandrite stone is useful in protecting from harmful rays due to its ability to filter cosmic rays. It is believed to be good for nervous system disorders.